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Breast Lift vs. Breast Enhancement: Which is For Me?

Breast Lift or Breast Enhancement? Which one is the best fit? If you’re one of those ladies who’s also confused about what to take, this post can help. The two most prevalent treatments are breast augmentation and breast lift. 

A consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon like our doctors here at Roham Advanced Laser and Cosmetic Plastic Surgery can establish the operation for your needs. Roham Advanced Laser and Cosmetic Plastic Surgery are here to guide you with a breast lift and breast enhancement. 

See the difference of what treatment best fits you with our expert doctors and physicians. Continue reading this article and learn about these procedures! 

Things To Know About Breast Enhancement

Breast augmentation, also known as breast enhancement or breast enlargement, is a surgical operation that utilizes breast implants to enhance the size and form of a woman’s breasts. It is one of the most prevalent plastic surgery treatments, with a very high patient satisfaction rate.

All ages of women choose breast augmentation for various reasons, including undeveloped, uneven, or sagging breasts. Surgery may be your only alternative if you’re unhappy with your breast size. 

Many women desire breast augmentation to improve their appearance and self-esteem, and the majority are thrilled with their enhanced appearance and increased confidence after surgery.

If you desire breast enlargement, here are four primary factors to consider about the method. The incision placement, implant size/shape, implant type, and associated risks.

Incision and placement of implant: 

The three incisions for breast augmentation are inframammary (behind the breast fold), trans-axillary (in the armpit), and periareolar (around the nipple). Each incisional procedure has its own pros and downsides. 

The inframammary incision allows ideal access to the breast tissue, carries the lowest risk of problems, and conceals surgical scarring.

Size and shape of implants

There are numerous alternatives available for size and shape. Considerations including your chest wall shape, body type, lifestyle, natural foundation, and objectives must be addressed. 

A certified surgeon in breast augmentation will be able to advise you on the size and form that will make you look the most attractive and ultimately make you happy. 

I encourage patients not to increase their bra cup size by more than two, as anything more significant can overpower the chest in terms of appearance, diameter, and/or width. Additionally, you do not want your breasts to dominate your appearance.

Implant Types

The choice between silicone and saline implants depends on several criteria, including the intended results, the patient’s preference, and his or her body type. Silicone tends to be more costly, necessitates a broader incision, and involves a more complicated surgical procedure. 

However, silicone implants have a more realistic feel and are an excellent option for patients with minimal biological breast tissue. With adequate breast tissue, saline implants can add volume and form to the breasts without altering their feel. 

Both types of implants have a lifespan of ten to fifteen years, are FDA-approved, and have a high level of safety.

Customized Plan

Before performing your breast augmentation, Dr. Roham will discuss the following factors and choices with you:

  • Implant variety (saline vs silicone)
  • Implant form (round vs. anatomically shaped)
  • Position of incision (under the breast, around the areola, or under the arm)
  • Implant placement (under the breast tissue or under the chest muscle)
  • During your visit, Dr. Roham will explore each of these choices in depth so that you may make an informed selection that will produce optimal outcomes.

Some ladies may further desire a breast lift to enhance their breasts’ appearance. Your anatomy will assist in determining the optimal method for attaining the desired breast size and shape. During your appointment, Dr. Roham will utilize his knowledge to help you make a decision.

Things To Know About Breast Lift

A breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, is a form of cosmetic surgery that reshapes the breasts and lifts the nipples to alleviate sagging and drooping. There are numerous causes of sagging, drooping, and elongated breasts. 

Among these are pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight increase or loss, and aging. Gravity is not a friend, and diet and exercise cannot remedy the problem once drooping has developed.

Customized Breast Lift Plan

The extent of breast lift surgery is often determined by the degree of sagging. In moderate situations, incisions may be limited to the area around the nipple; however, in most instances, excess skin from the lower portion of the breast must also be removed. 

Frequently, the breast has also lost volume and become deflated. This can be treated at the same time as your breast lift with implants or breast augmentation. A breast lift may also be performed following breast reduction surgery to lower breast size. 

During your consultation, Dr. Roham will examine your breasts to choose the surgery to help you accomplish your aesthetic goals most effectively.

The Process

A breast lift is performed under general anesthesia as an outpatient treatment, after which the patient can return home the same day. The type of mastopexy necessary depends on the degree of breast sagging. 

The lift may involve only the excision of skin surrounding the areola. A vertical incision is added from the lower edge of the areola to the crease under the breast for more severe cases. 

The incision must continue along the breast crease in the most severe cases. As noted previously, the inclusion of an implant can often dramatically improve the final result. 

All treatments are designed to restructure the breast, elevate the nipple to a proper position, tighten the skin, and restore a vibrant appearance. 

Dr. Roham is well-versed in all treatments for resuspending, reshaping, and rejuvenating the breasts to restore their youthful appearance. All wounds are closed with absorbable sutures, so there are no stitches to remove. 

Our doctors employ specific procedures to reduce swelling and pain, disguise scarring, and expedite your recuperation.

Recovery Following a Breast Lift

Recovery from a breast lift necessitates a brief time of rest and minimal activity to allow for healing. Typically, the pain following breast lift surgery is minor and well-controlled by the drugs provided by Dr. Roham. 

After surgery, a thin dressing will be used to reduce swelling. You will be required to wear a supportive bra for roughly one month after this is removed. As with other Advanced Laser and Cosmetic Plastic surgeries, you will receive comprehensive pre-and post-operative instructions. Dr. Roham will be accessible to answer your concerns and provide guidance.

Which is Better? Breast enhancement? Breast augmentation? Both?

Each method has its own set of distinct benefits and drawbacks. You must realize that breast augmentation concentrates on the size and contour of the breast and does not address sagging breasts. A breast lift, unlike breast augmentation, focuses exclusively on breast position and does not improve bust size.

Choosing to modify your breasts is a profoundly personal decision. For your safety and peace of mind, you should always speak with a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in breast surgery to feel assured that you will have the most satisfactory possible results. 

Call us and set an appointment today here at Roham Advanced Laser and Cosmetic Plastic Surgery for your initial consultation. We can’t wait to work with your goals and plans!

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