Improve Cleavage with Breast Augmentation

Many patients regard an attractive cleavage as one that is full, proportionate, and displays a flattering contour. Due to a number of factors, breasts can lose volume and elasticity, and some people do not naturally possess full breasts, which makes it difficult to achieve the cleavage desired. At Advance Laser and Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, Dr. Roham performs breast augmentation to help patients gain a shapely breast contour and improved cleavage. Ahead, he explains how breast augmentation can boost cleavage.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery is used to change the size and shape of the breasts, and patients choose this surgery for a variety of reasons, such as weight or hormonal fluctuations that have decreased the size of the breasts. When it comes to breast augmentation, patients often spend time thinking about implant types and increased volume, but another common desire among patients considering this procedure is cleavage.

Cleavage is actually defined as the space between the breasts, and it is an important aesthetic consideration that can be achieved with breast augmentation. Breasts that are farther apart on the chest have less cleavage, while those that that are closer together have more. Many patients desire more cleavage as it can help the breasts appear fuller, perkier, and shapelier in clothing.

Achieve Full Cleavage

If you have a small amount of cleavage, the skillful placement of breast implants can help. Before your breast augmentation surgery, the space separating your breasts, your skin quality, and the volume of breast tissue you have will be evaluated during your consultation. Based on your aesthetic goals, Dr. Roham may make strategic adjustments to the pocket where the implant will be placed to give you the desired amount of cleavage possible to complement your unique anatomy. For example, if you are unhappy with cleavage that is too wide, breast augmentation can create cleavage that is closer together. On the other hand, if your breasts are too close together for your liking, the procedure can accommodate your preference to give your breasts more separation.

Transform Your Appearance in Santa Ana & San Clemente

Cleavage is an aesthetic goal many women seek out, from buying specialized bras to wearing low-cut clothing. However, if you are ready to enhance your appearance permanently, finally improve your cleavage, and give your breasts a boost, schedule an appointment with Dr. Roham at Advance Laser and Cosmetic Plastic Surgery online or via phone today.

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