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Endovenus laser is one of the greatest medical breakthroughs in the treatment of varicose vein disorders. Traditionally, patients diagnosed with venous reflux would undergo vein stripping surgery. Today a procedure called EVLT can treat the condition thus providing a minimally invasive alternative to painful vein stripping surgery. EVLT is a clinically proven procedure that corrects unsightly varicose veins and their underlying cause with little or no pain.

This procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis using local anesthesia in which Dr. Roham numbs the leg before treatment. Patients can walk away from the procedure and be back to everyday activities. Most PPO medical insurances cover this treatment for patients that suffer from painful or symptomatic leg veins.

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Advantages of Endovenous Laser Ablation

  • Higher success rate
  • Easy and quick procedure – much improved due to latest technology
  • Very comfortable procedure – minimal pain
  • Local anesthetic only – no general anesthesia
  • You can drive yourself to the procedure and home after the procedure
  • In-office procedure – no surgery center
  • Less bruising
  • Minimal post-procedure discomfort
  • Return to normal activity immediately
  • Safer – less risk of complication


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This Procedure consists of 4 steps:

Mapping of the Saphenous Vein : A typical EVLT procedure begins with noninvasive ultrasound imaging of the diseased vein to trace its location. This allows Dr. Roham to determine the site where the laser fiber will be inserted and to mark the desired position of the fiber tip to begin treatment.

Insertion of the Laser Fiber : After Dr. Roham accesses the saphenous vein; the laser fiber is inserted into the vein and advanced to the uppermost segment of the vein. Dr. Roham then typically injects anesthetic fluid into the area surrounding the vein. This numbs the leg, helps squeeze blood out of the vein and provides a fluid layer outside the vein to protect surrounding tissue from heat once the fiber starts delivering laser energy.

Delivery of Laser Energy and Withdrawal of Fiber : Noninvasive ultrasound is used to confirm the fiber tip position and Dr. Roham then activates the laser machine. As the vein wall is heated, the vein shrinks and the fiber is gradually withdrawn. During fiber pullback, which typically occurs over 4 to 10 minutes, the entire vein is ablated (or closed).

Confirm Closing of Vein : After treatment, ultrasound imaging is used to confirm closing of the vein. If a portion of the vein is not closed, the fiber can be reinserted and laser reapplied. After the procedure, the narrowed vein gradually becomes fibrous, sealing the interior of the vein walls and naturally redirecting blood flow to healthy veins.

The procedure usually takes 30 to 45 minutes.


How is treatment performed?

A tiny tube is placed within your vein and directed to the targeted area. Bursts of laser energy are emitted and cause the veins to close. This prevents blood from flowing within it and accumulating. After the blood is rerouted to healthier veins the varicose veins and symptoms should resolve.

How long is the procedure?

The procedure is performed using local anesthesia and takes thirty minutes to complete.

What is the recovery?

You’ll wear compression stockings to heal quicker. It’s recommended to walk immediately after treatment to get healthy blood flow and prevent your blood from clotting.

What is used to close the varicose veins?

This minimally invasive procedure uses laser energy to close the varicose veins. The blood is rerouted to healthier veins and the varicose veins gradually fade.

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