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Virtual Consultations

We now offer Free Virtual Consultations! While initial face-to-face consultation is the preferred choice, we understand this isn’t always possible, especially with the current situation of the Coronavirus.

To take advantage of our Virtual Consultation, please follow the step by step instructions.

Photos: Follow the photo submission guideline below. If possible, take photos with a plain background. We keep your information and photos completely confidential.

dr-roham-virtual-consultation-body-procedures-grPlease submit 4 photos – from the front, back and 2 sides.

dr-roham-virtual-consultation-breast-procedures-grPlease submit 3 photos – front and 2 sides.

dr-roham-virtual-consultation-face-procedures-grPlease submit 3 photos – front and 2 sides. If you have long hair, please put your hair in a ponytail when taking pictures.

Step 1 – Take photos

Use the suggested photo guidelines.

Step 2 – Fill out the form above and upload your photos

Please share your concerns, desired outcomes or any additional information you want us to know.

Step 3 – Schedule consultation

Once your submission is received, our doctors will review your information along with the photos and one of our patient care coordinators will contact you to schedule your consultation.

Step 4 – Virtual Consultation

On the day and time that your consultation is scheduled, Dr. Roham and your patient care coordinator will contact you to discuss your case.

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