Signs That You’ve Had a Successful Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a procedure that alters the shape (and sometimes the size) of the nose. Sometimes rhinoplasty is performed to address breathing issues, in which case the goal is to provide both improved nasal airway function and natural, aesthetically pleasing results.  

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Here are signs that you’ve had a successful rhinoplasty:


Facial symmetry has long been regarded as a hallmark of beauty. And because the nose is the focal point of the face, it plays an important role in facial symmetry. Patients who have concerns about the positioning, size, or symmetry of their nose may seek rhinoplasty to make it more proportional in relation to other facial features. To assess whether your rhinoplasty was successful, look at before and after photos and consider how the entire face appears, rather than just focusing on the nose. After rhinoplasty, the face should look more balanced.

Proper Breathing

Any changes to the nose can affect its function — namely its ability to ensure proper breathing. While the main purpose of rhinoplasty is usually to provide a beautiful aesthetic result, it is crucial that your breathing remain intact. Modern rhinoplasties involve delicate sculpting and do not remove too much cartilage. A successful rhinoplasty can make it easier to breathe and improve nasal function.

Subtle Scarring

Cosmetic surgery, especially facial procedures, should improve your appearance, and rhinoplasty is no exception to this. As such, your surgeon will seek to alter the shape of the nose without causing excessive and visible scarring. You may notice changes to the skin of the nose as you heal, but if you’ve had a successful rhinoplasty, this will not include scarring.

Natural Result

A natural-looking nose that brings balance to the face is what most patients seek after rhinoplasty. Unnatural results, such as an exaggerated profile or a bridge that is too narrow, are easily observable.

No Revisions Necessary

In some cases, patients may initially love their rhinoplasty results, only to become unsatisfied with the look of their noses after some time has passed. This may occur for cosmetic or functional reasons, and addressing the problem may require a secondary procedure. A sign of a successful rhinoplasty is one that is done right the very first time with the patient’s goals in mind.


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